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Collaborative songwriting

September 3rd, 2016

Collaborative songwriting

That Reminds You
If we were a song, weíd each be a line, each one echoing into the other
Such beautiful music.
Letís write a song
And unite in the chorus, so ghostly sublime and humanly glorious
Throw me a line to build on mine, let it be true, deep, spontaneous,
For one moment..remembered a lifetime
As Us.
And letís all vanish within this song, like eternal silent notes
Just behind the future and ahead of the past
A song that will last.

Itís hard to remember where you are
Letís write a song
Que te recuerde donde estas ( that reminds you of where you are)

Letís write that seamless song
From the ageing keys of the grand piano
Where colours unite innato!
Where maestroís fingers are finely flickering,
Tickling timeworn ivory keys, a serenade of love and peace

Itís hard to remember where you are
Letís sing that song
We wrote
Que te recuede donde estas

The endless die
The silent cry, the silent cries, we question why!
Listen to our voices lifting ,heartstring melodies
Like ribbons flowing, weaving peace across the universe
When everything you did, and try to do, amounts to nothing
And the nothings you do amount to everything

Itís hard to remember where you are
Your song, your melody, the line you threw me
The moment we hoped to remember
Que te recuerde donde estas

When you sing in harmony, you have moved to the light
Sweet harmony in the light.
This is our earth song this is our one voice, our union
On a road trip trying to capture the images going by
Letís write a song
Not only for me, you, everyone
But all beings on earth to be in peace and harmony..
Letís write this song
This beautiful song
Letís write this song..
Que te recuerde recuede donde estas

By (in alphabetical order)
Jason Christopher
Xoanxo Cespon
Maria Disley
Jane McGowan
Karen Newell
Jim Taylor
Viet Tran